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We offer a wide variety of services in the world of slides.

With our formatting and consistency services, you can be ensured that all the slides in your deck follow the specific guidelines and standards for your branding and are also ready to be presented to your clients/audience.

Formatting & Consistency Checks


Just mark your edits with a digital pen or marker and send it to us. We will carefully check and review the changes that are to be done and get your presentation updated.

All that you need to do is to take a picture with your phone or do a snapshot and we would recreate the image into editable PPT slides. We would also additionally proof read the created documents, reducing any scope for error.

Image to PPT
Visual Enhancement and Redesign

Our presentation design experts will completely revamp your document – slide by slide, optimizing the layouts, visual frameworks by adding images and iconography.

Our experts would take a look at your data or paragraphs and visualize them into charts, graphs or diagrams and help you present your topic to your audience in a much better way.

Data Visualization
Full business presentations

Our full business presentation services help you to revamp your presentations with all our other services encompassed. We would understand your overall requirement and deliver a presentation that’s just ready for you to present.


SlidesnDecks offer a variety of services that would help you make your slides into a more presentable, engaging and storytelling decks.

Visual Enhancement

Picture this – you have a document formatted and ready to present to a potential investor or your boss and you feel like the slide is missing some jazz. You think it is boring and very usual. What do you do? You try adding some images, icons by yourself and it is still messy. Been there, done that? That’s when you will need support from a visual enhancement specialist. Our specialists who are experts at enhancing visuals will read and understand your content and optimize it to give a new life and look that will win you projects or funding.


  • Layout optimization
  • Adding images and icons
  • Complete redesign

Brush Up

Consultants, Experts and Project leaders are used to churning old reports and charts and perhaps love to visualize their ideas and plans on a whiteboard. As a busy professional, you may not want to invest time in recreating a whiteboard drawing or a snapshot from an old PDF. All that you will have to do is, click a picture and send it across for our presentation specialists to turn them into slides using PowerPoint text and shapes, which you can edit later at your convenience.


  • Excel to PPT
  • PDF to PPT
  • Image to PPT

Notes to Slides

One of the most sought out services by Consultants and Leaders worldwide is the formatting and consistency of their decks. Our formatting specialists ensure that your slides and decks follow the brand guidelines and are devoid of overlaps or misalignments. We will do the quality check ensuring proper formatting and consistency across the slides.


  • Quick format
  • Color consistency check
  • Brand guideline check


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  • Fully Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Shortcode generator
  • Custom Label and Colors
  • Hover Overlay Support
  • Fully Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Shortcode generator
  • Custom Label and Colors
  • Hover Overlay Support




You can request for a quote by visiting our website and giving us a short description of your requirement.



Our designer would get in touch with you and understand any branding guidelines or specific requirements



Our designers will start working on your document. We will send you a status document to see if it meets your requirements.



We may try to understand any iteration from your end and make the changes into the status document. If all the changes are done, we will deliver you the completed document